NYCHA residents have spent yet another winter out in the cold. They are still at risk.

Our elected officials must support the NESE project NOW to provide reliable, affordable natural gas and end the heating crisis! Don't let NYCHA residents suffer through one more freezing winter!


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The NY Daily News Editorial Board

"We are eager for the day when single-family homes, apartment buildings and Housing Authority developments in New York can keep the people inside their four walls warm in the bone-chilling dead of winter using all-renewable energy sources... 

But we don’t know whether that day will arrive in 10 years, or 20, or 30, which is why it makes basic sense to build out a pipeline to deliver natural gas from its sources in Pennsylvania to its consumers in the five boroughs of New York City."

NYCHA tenant leader Danny Barber

"Projects like NESE create more overall system reliability and increase access for low income communities to a cleaner fuel source. I urge the NYSDEC to approve the NESE project today."

Don't let NYCHA wait another decade. Demand action now.

Our elected officials must support infrastructure to end this crisis!

For several winters, the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) has failed to provide basic heat and hot water to hundreds of thousands of residents, leaving vulnerable New Yorkers in grave danger. Cries of help and outrage from NYCHA tenants over the past years have repeatedly made news headlines – but they’re still suffering.

Replacing NYCHA's failing, outdated heating oil systems with reliable, clean natural gas infrastructure is a critical step in the right direction.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project will increase natural gas capacity in NYC, which will result in the continued upgrades of NYCHA heating systems, a more resilient NYC power grid, and cleaner air due to reduced CO2 emissions. A lack of natural gas capacity will increase reliance on dirty, expensive oil, making the NYCHA crisis even worse.

If NESE is denied, many NYCHA building upgrades will be put on hold.


Demand Energy Justice!

The NESE project is at risk.

This project is a critical step in addressing the NYCHA crisis. Tell your elected officials and NY regulators to support NESE now so NYCHA residents don't have to suffer through one more winter!

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Leading Voices on the
NYCHA Heating Crisis


"It is just shocking that in New York State we would have people subjected to these conditions. This situation we have seen is as upsetting and disturbing as I’ve seen anywhere and I’ve been in public housing across this country."
— Governor Andrew Cuomo


"I’m in favor of natural gas infrastructure that will broaden NYCHA’s access to cleaner, more efficient and reliable fuel sources. Projects like NESE create more overall system reliability and increase access for low income communities to a cleaner fuel source. I urge the NYSDEC to approve the NESE project today,”
— Daniel Barber, head of the Citywide Council of Presidents of NYCHA tenants’ associations


"The way NYCHA operates remains frozen in the 20th century. There is a humanitarian crisis and residents deserve more transparency and immediate action."
— Council Member Ritchie Torres


“Basic human conditions are non-negotiable.”
— Lynne Patton, Department of Housing and Urban Development Regional Director