Our elected officials must support infrastructure to end this crisis!

For several winters, the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) has failed to provide basic heat and hot water to hundreds of thousands of residents, leaving vulnerable New Yorkers in grave danger. Cries of help and outrage from NYCHA tenants over the past years have repeatedly made news headlines – but they’re still suffering.

Replacing NYCHA's failing, outdated heating oil systems with reliable, clean natural gas infrastructure is a critical step in the right direction.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project will increase natural gas capacity in NYC, which will result in the continued upgrades of NYCHA heating systems, a more resilient NYC power grid, and cleaner air due to reduced CO2 emissions. A lack of natural gas capacity will increase reliance on dirty, expensive oil, making the NYCHA crisis even worse.

If NESE is denied, many NYCHA building upgrades will be put on hold.


Demand Energy Justice!